Jarosław Suchożebrski

Thanks for stopping by to view my work. I'm a professional geographer, scientist and university lecturer. I combine my profession with a passion for travel and with love for photography. I consider myself a PhotoGeographer.
Photography became the way I express my artistic side - painting with light.
For me, landscape and nature photography is the perfect escape and a creative challenge. It allows me to fully appreciate the extraordinary beauty around us, interpret it in my own creative way, and share it with the world. Photography has allowed me to connect with nature and appreciate what the world has to offer.
I feel lucky to have the opportunity to travel my country and the world and can only hope my work captures at least a part of the beauty of these places. I hope you can enjoy these scenes with me.

Please visit my photoblogs to view my current work:
Photogeography (in English)
Fotogeografia (in Polish)

All of the images on this website (and on my blogs too) are available either as fine art prints or as digital files. Prints are available for sale in different physical sizes. If you are interested in a particular image just email image title to me (plus a bit more information if there are several images with the same title) and the print size you have in mind. Mail me at:


You can also buy some of my works and photo-gadgets at:
Fine Art America Store
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